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Full-Spectrum Technology Consulting, Inc. is dedicated to providing our clients with the most hassle-free technology management experience possible.  We work to create solutions which generate the highest ROI while maintaining the lowest incidence of issue related stress.  Our commitment to quality service was spurred by the troubling experiences John D'Agnese, Director/President of FSTC, Inc., had encountered many years ago:

It was about 24 years ago when John went to purchase a computer from a popular brand name outlet store.  Much to his chagrin, it took 3 returns to finally get a computer that had a video card which worked.  As if that was not enough, when he brought the computer to a shop for a memory upgrade, he found that the motherboard would not support anything other than expensive, proprietary memory.  After paying the cost to upgrade the computer's memory, it wound up being that the computer never worked correctly from that point on.

At that moment he knew that there was a need for quality, unbiased consulting on technology.  After more than 16 years of experience with computers, John founded  FSTC, Inc.  During the time prior to the startup of this company, John spent 3 years managing computers for Dr. Nongjian Tao, PhD., (At the time, an Associate Professor of Physics at FIU, currently at ASU).  While majoring at Florida International University, he also had research experience in Physics which resulted in several publications.  Since its startup FSTC, Inc. has serviced a wide variety of businesses.

Businesses from any industry can benefit from our services, just look at the diversity of our current and previous client's industries:

  • Insurance Agencies